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about smith
SMITH was created in 2009 by designer Zoë Chicco. After years of success with her eponymous fine jewelry line, Zoë decided she wanted to make a fashion-forward jewelry collection that was accessible, easy to wear and affordable. Her goal was to create a line to suit all fashion moods. Whether it’s chunky mixed metal chains, studded leather bracelets, long vintage-inspired pieces or cute little charm necklaces, SMITH has it all. The epitome of style at a price you'll love.

"SMITH allows me the opportunity to design pieces that are more 'of the moment' gives me complete freedom to take chances and work in all kinds of materials. I tend to wear a lot of different styles depending on my mood, so I wanted to make pieces that I could put on with anything I pulled out of my closet. I find that mixing SMITH pieces with my fine jewelry line creates the perfect balance between classic and trendy; it suits my personality no matter what look I might be going for that day. I created the collection thinking every girl could use a little SMITH in her wardrobe. And because it is affordable, it makes it a little easier to take a chance on something new. I hope you like it as much as I do!"
— Zoë Chicco
about smith